martes, 28 de julio de 2009

7 . Post Vacation Syndrome

Part 1

they come as a gray cloud in the night
When you waste(despise) your whole time
the sensation they make you feel makes you waste the time in your fight
All your fight to remake your life

I feel that
I feel it
Into my skin

I feel that
I'm bleeding

Nailing in your skin
Don't you feel it?
The time goes out every night
And slowly you're dying

Something's kickin' my body so hard
I wanted to beat it back but I can't 'cause I'm hurt
I'm bleeding and I'm dying so fast
Oh, fuck, someone help me!!

They still trying to stop liars
forget that we do it's so easy

Part 2 (track 8)

they lie to your mind while you are lost
maybe it's worse than if you break your face against a post
they think that your life have got a price, how much does it cost?
They ask you but you can't hear 'em 'cause they are like a ghost

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